new products, new events, and our all natural vegan soaps June 7, 2016 00:00

As the summer starts to settle in, so are we.

New Scents and Products

We're making new scents for summer both in products as well as our vegan soap bars, including prototyping a basil lavender bar with mugwort and honeysuckle and sweet birch body balm. After some requests, I've finally zeroed in on natural deodorant options for those who have had issues with baking soda levels in most natural deodorants that actually work. Unfortunately, I truly feel that the best working natural deodorants need baking soda but I have found a formula that works but that only contains a small amount of baking soda. For those wanting to go completely baking soda free, I'm offering my Flower Water natural spray deodorant. These products will be live shortly on the website but you can find them at any of my events locally as well.

Plant Healer Vibes -- Lamb's Ear


As I apprentice with a local herbalist, I learn more and more about what kinds of herbal infusions will help lend healing qualities to our bars and salves. My apothecary is full of spring herbs wildcrafted locally, sitting and steeping in tall mason jars of olive oil, avocado oil or neem oil. The rosehips will end up in a healing skin serum for late summer when our skin has had enough of this nonsense. In May, I received a vision during a plant shamanism workshop that has me focused on lamb's ear. Though considered more ornamental than therapeutic, lamb's ear is very utilitarian, serving as an antibacterial bandage on battlefields generations ago to helping with the heat of a bee sting when in the wild. My vision of rows of lamb's ear and its velvety softness yielded some new herbal knowledge for me to try in my practice afterall.

Events this Summer

Though I've recently completed two weekends at local events, first the Westport Roots Festival, and then the Garden Party for the Strawberry Swing, I'm still full speed ahead this month with my final event at Boulevardia, a very fun craft beer/music/curiosities festival held in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, held this year on Father's Day weekend June 17-19th. After that, we take most of July off and will be back in the swing of things starting in September with the Kansas City Chalk Walk and more. After the last year of running my own art gallery and maker goods pop up shop, a much needed vacation will happen in July. Cannot wait for that! 

And cannot wait to see you out and about this summer!