Zodiac Pocket Perfume and Crystal Set

$ 22.00

A gift set of pure plant-based scent and a crystal reflecting the nature of your zodiac sign. If you find you are not attracted to the listing for your Sun sign, consider ordering your Rising sign. Each scent is a 2ml rollerball in jojoba scented with extracts and essential oils. 

♈ Aries, March 21–April 19 lemongrass main note with a dry to frankincense resin, a scent for the Bosses

♉ Taurus, April 20–May 20 honeysuckle with a strong lavender base note, sweet but with staying power

♊ Gemini, May 21–June 21 punch of grapefruit, sandalwood dry down, the scent of balanced polarities

♋ Cancer, June 22–July 22 ambergris with pine, cedar base note, the scent of a forest bath

♌ Leo, July 23–August 22 fragrant rosewood with crisp ginger to demand attention

♍ Virgo, August 23–September 22 chamomile, melissa, cypress, the spirit of innocence

♎ Libra, September 23–October 23 neroli, sandalwood, lavender, crush worthy as a Libra

♏ Scorpio, October 24–November 21 jasmine, geranium, honey, this scent is all sweet, scorpio provides the sting

♐ Sagittarius, November 22–December 21 orange blossom, rose, tea for the base note, scent of the visionary

♑ Capricorn, December 22–January 19, notes of orange, vetiver, coriander, scent of clarity and groundedness

♒ Aquarius, January 20–February 18 lemon verbena, cedar, honey, a warm woody scent with unexpected citrus

♓ Pisces, February 19–March 20 elemi, cardamom, sweet and peppery for the complex nature of Pisces

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