Egyptian Queen Perfume Series \\ Blue Lotus Dreamer Botanical Perfume

$ 32.00

Blue Lotus Dreams

Blue Lotus is a sacred flower of the gods and as such was included in many festivities and rituals of ancient times. The Egyptians were said to steep blue lotus petals in wine for their parties – its effects include a sort of mild euphoria and a sense of a waking dream state. Blue Lotus imbibed in that way that often contributed to the lowering of inhibitions well suited to celebrations and sacred sexual experiences. For the Egyptians, Blue Lotus symbolized re-birth and the power of the Sun. When used for scent, Blue Lotus imparts a powdery floral note much sweeter than amber resin that blends well with spices like ginger or other florals like frangipani.

as experienced in the Nelson Atkins Eternal Egypt exhibit Fall 2019

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