Egyptian Queen Perfume Series // Mendesian Moonbath Botanical Perfume

$ 32.00

The ancient city of Mendes was renowned for its perfume culture and produced the signature scent of Cleopatra, Mendesian. Mendesian Moon is a recreation of that scent. Notes of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon Leaf, Cassia, and Labdanum as the basis for this scent originating in ancient Mendes.
Mendesian was one of the two most famous Egyptian perfumes of the time -- the other being Metopian.  Sacred perfumery rituals were followed to create the perfume effluvium from natural elements such as raisins, mastic gum, wine, and resins. Scents were extracted by steeping plants, flowers or splinters of fragrant wood in oil to obtain essential oil, which would then be added to other oils or fat. The materials were placed in a piece of cloth which was wrung until the last drop of fragrance had been retrieved. Alternatively they were boiled with oil and water and the oil skimmed off. This recreation includes notes that mimic the effects of these rituals that could take weeks to complete in ancient times.

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